Sunday, December 30, 2012

Morton Family Prayer- 2005

Dear Lord, 

Thank you for bringing this incredible family together again for Christmas, Lord, to celebrate the birth of Christ, and the love of one another that you have taught this family so amazingly well.  This year has been one of incredible highs and lows and you have carried us through with supportive arms, guiding us the way in each instance.  We have lost ones very dear to us, reminding us that the time we have here together is fragile and should not be wasted on anything but one another.  And yet, in the very same year, you bring us new family members- whom we can only hope to pass along those generational gifts that our grandparents and beyond have worked so long to pass to us.   One of those gifts they have given us is an unwavering devotion to our children- evident in all of these deep relationships I see all around me this evening.  

Thank you for our children, for trusting us to be their fathers and mothers. May they never doubt our love for them.  I pray that our love will always be righteous and nurturing.  May our devotion give us joy whenever we speak to them, patience whenever we respond to them, and wisdom whenever we make decisions concerning their futures.

May we never fail them Lord, but if we do, please let them forgive us, as you have forgiven us. Guard and protect their hearts and minds, Lord, and may your love always surround them, guide them, educate them, and sustain them through all the trials and tests of life.
My lord, you have blessed our family beyond our just deservedness and shown us your true glory and beauty through our children here- whether they’re 65 or less than a year. You have used them in amazing ways to show us the grace and patience that is found in your amazing trip called life. You have brought us together in a very particular way, to show your true power to transform, unite and bless. We give thanks for your amazing work to provide for us all things good and with an ability to prosper.

Help us to find the ways to attend to each of their needs and always point them back to the cross and our family for their ultimate rejuvenation of spirit.  May our gentle and patient spirit always be evident to them.  Equip us with the ability to praise and encourage them to be the person you have designed them to be, and make evident the adoration we have for them with each word or action. 

I pray that you will always reign in their hearts- in all of our hearts- and that they will always look towards you for their strength.   Lord, may you always abound in our relationship and indeed be the very fabric which binds us together, so that we may glorify you in all that we do- as you have done with your own son- with incredible sacrifice and example.  


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