Monday, December 17, 2012

Morton Family Prayer- 1987


Thank you for bringing us together again to celebrate this special birthday of Jesus Christ.  We pray for Ricky and his new wife Sharon.  May their time in England bring them joy and happiness.  What a powerful day you brought us on Heather’s graduation day.  We also thank you for giving Heather the inner strength to fight off her cancer and look so beautiful this Christmas.  You answered all our prayers.  It was the all-time greatest Christmas present when Heather spent Christmas eve and Christmas morning with the Ken Morton family.  Somehow Santa remembered her with her own stocking.  We thank you for those special wedding days for Amy & Pat, John and Twila, and Greg and Christina.    May their lives be full of love and rich in togetherness.  We have new children in Stephanie and John Jr as well.  They both seem to be everything loving parents could ever  want.  This was a big year for the next generation.  We thank you for everything.

We ask you Lord to make the time right for Pop Pop’s transplant.  We know you do things for the right reasons.  We all pray for success when it happens.  It would make his life a fuller one.

We want you to know we are all thankful for what we have and appreciate all the love we have for each other.  Family unity and spirit is that common thread to security and knowing that people care.


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