Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Morton Family Prayer- 1989


We want to first say our family has to be very thankful for all the things you do and the strength you give us through the year.  As usual, it has been an up and down year.  The downs included the loss of Grandma Morton, our Uncle Don and a very unique individual, Uncle Adolf.  Lets all take a moment of silence in memory of our family.  Because our family is so spread out now, if anyone was overlooked, please speak up with their name so we don’t forget a loved one.  The ups include the miracle of Uncle Don’s eye becoming a donor to Pop Pop.  You heard our prayers for Grandpa.  All of us look forward to his love of the outdoors and his keeping constantly busy becoming a way of life for him again.  Wendy sure has an up with her Rob.  Everyone is working hard to impress him so he won’t get away.  What a catch, Wendy.  We all experienced an up when Heather’s scare was over.  It was a nervous time for all of us.  But, Heather’s a fighter and always comes through.  Our empathy went out to Bob Beck during the strike.  We’ve grown to admire Bob’s way to always make strong decisions when times get tough.  We are proud to love you, Bob.  John and Twila have experienced some tough going also.  It’s very uplifting to find them jumping into the struggle of life with both feet.  Lord, we thank you for the strength and the will you have given us to focus on a way out of problems.  It’s been the strength of Grandma Morton and Pop Pop that have shown us how to find a way to do what’s right.  Thank you, Lord, for our health and the “inner love” when it’s needed.  Before we close, does anyone else have a thought, an up, or a down to share with us this morning?  Thank you, Lord, for being the guiding light for these material gifts that we are about to receive.


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