Friday, December 28, 2012

Morton Family Prayer- 1998


This year of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Eight has been another wonderful year for the extended Morton family.  Each of Nana and Pop Pop’s children have received awards and recognitions that named them each to the pinnacle of success of their respective careers.  It’s amazing that a simple farming background and a set of strong and true family values led my grandparents to raise this remarkable threesome.

And Lord, we remember that it was your shadow that watched over this family as it grew through the years, through its highest highs and its lowest lows.  We have followed your lead all the way, walking in your shadow to ensure a wholesome and life true to your word.  This is not a shadow in the normal sense.  It is not a shadow which is dark and hidden from light.  Yours is a shadow that brings hope and warmth.  It guides and protects.  Your provide examples of these shadows throughout out lives everyday.  As I do to my father before me, my son is a shadow and mirror of myself at his age.  Through Pop Pop’s eyes, his strained vision, the world is filled with shadows, but you fill it with family and loved ones that represent all that is true to God.  Just like we follow in your shadow for guidance and direction, our children (and for some of us grandchildren) follow our shadow for leadership and growth.  And finally there are those shadows that no longer cast themselves here on earth.  We take great comfort in knowing that they now walk beside you in heaven, bathing in your shadow directly.  We pray that they know that they are missed and loved as much as always.

Lord, the world we live in sometimes seems more cynical and crazy each year.  Gosh knows we see things through the media and government that leave us shaking our heads.  You have taught this family well, however.  The Morton family knows this refuge you provide us through walking in your shadow will lead us to your loving and guardian hands.


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