Sunday, December 22, 2013

Morton Family Prayer - 2013

Dear Heavenly Father,

This year, I’d like to propose that we make Christmas last the whole year long. No, we won’t find a magic time machine and hold time still in December. What I wish for is for us to practice year-round all the things that we see and do during the season of Christmas. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we would take the themes and promises of Christmas with us all the way through the New Year before us? We are all blessed to have roofs over our heads and an incredible extended family for love and support, but couldn’t we all benefit if we took our values of love and trust from the home, and use those values to better our community?

It is at home where we don’t just talk about “peace & good will to men” but where we learn to live it. Our parents lead by example and then we, a second generation, will go out into the world as ambassadors of change. Home is the place where we are molded, in addition to preparing us each day for the world tomorrow. Home teaches each and every one of us how to fashion our world so that we make it a better place for all.

Wouldn’t it be magical if every of us took the message of Christmas and made it a permanent part of our lives, and we put it into practice all year long? Jesus in our lives is the one thing that makes all the difference - that gives us a solid foundation, the strength to endure, & even to overcome. So the real work of Christmas is only beginning. The Christmas season isn’t nearly over. In fact, it’s just starting. It’s the spark for us to use this celebration of Christ’s birth to find the lost, to heal the broken, to feed the hungry, to renew lost relationships, to rebuild the nation, to bring peace among brothers & sisters, and to make music in the heart. This is the real work of Christmas!

Yes, we’ll take down our Christmas trees & put the decorations back in storage for another year. All the presents will have been unwrapped, the suspense will have ended. But this year, I wish for us to make the music linger. May the songs of peace & good stay forever in our hearts. May our homes be filled with the fragrances, sounds, & excitement of Christmas forever. It will be the sounds of our family members laughing, our close friends sharing, the discovery of new opportunities made possible by God’s hand. May we take its message with us so that the entire world might be touched by it… as we have been touched by it.

This evening is God’s invitation to you- to all be celebrating Christmas in July.