Friday, December 21, 2012

Morton Family Prayer- 1991


As we all gather here this morning, we want to thank you for caring and loving our growing family this past year.  With so many people and so many busy child hands to watch over, looking after this great big clan is a never-ending job.  But as we come here together Christmas morning, it is quite evident that this family has been blessed again this year.

You have watched over Nana and Pop Pop.  Pop Pop’s been given a clean bill of health, so much so that you’ve allowed them to go to Nashville on vacation.  You have watched over Aunt Jan on all her numerous travels and made Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Ken two most gracious new grandparents.  You have answered our prayers and brought Ricky back home from overseas.  It wasn’t quite the same without him. You have expanded our family again this year with the addition of three brand new bouncing babies in the shape of Nathan, Kylie and Eric.  Thank you for healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

And thank you for not letting us grow out of Nana and Pop Pop’s house.  The growing numbers just literally bring us closer together.  It wouldn’t be the same anyplace else.


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