Saturday, December 29, 2012

Morton Family Prayer- 1999


Once again, you’ve blessed us all for an entire year and allowed our family to return together here at Nana and Pop Pop’s for an event unlike any other.  We’re all healthy, a year wiser and excited about expanding this herd by two early next year.  Both Jennifer and Wendy will be having the first Morton babies born into the new millennium in February.  And what a fascinating milestone it will be.  2000 years ago, you gave us your only son, an act so amazing, so inspiring.  We truly not only owe our existence to you, but our soul and being as well.  Through your hand and the examples you create, you continue to educate and teach.  I’ve pondered what we’ll bring to the new millennium and I see the answers all around me.  From Nana, we’ll all take her love family and tradition.  From Pop Pop, we’ll bring his love of the earth and everything outdoors.  From my father, we’ll take the notion that we must do that which we love, that life’s too short to not be passionate about what we do.  From Jeanne, we’ll bring that drive to succeed- even if we’re not given all the tools to do it easily.  From Jan, we’ll take that incredible laugh and smile and her uncompromising belief that your life’s purpose is family.   From my brother and sisters, we’ll bring that invisible hand of support that you know is always there to pat your back for encouragement and hold you up when you fall.  From my cousins, we’ll take the notion that, like their parents, their highest priority is their children.  And from all of those children, we’ll bring that incredible sense of hope and that wide-eyed innocence that we hope will never dim from their faces.  And from me, all I’ll bring is the recognition that we’re each made up of a piece o f everyone else here.  Each relationship, each hug, every holiday has molded us like a piece of clay into what we are today.  This new millennium isn’t a new start of the future.  It’s only a marker for us to measure and honor everything that has brought us here to it.  Lord, thank you for the ride.


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