Sunday, December 23, 2012

Morton Family Prayer- 1993


We owe our thanks to you once again for allowing our growing family to gather here at Nana’s house to celebrate Jesus’s birthday.  It seems harder and harder to find time to visit and talk with our loved ones, yet every year, you manage to bring us all here to show us just how special this family really is.  If there was a single word that describes the power you instill in our lives not just on Christmas, but everyday, it’s probably “faith.”

You give us the faith to believe in you, your most gracious of all.  We look to you in times of trouble, when we need an extra lift to get over that last hurdle.

You give us the faith to believe in ourselves.  It’s through you that we have the strength to believe in ourselves to reach any pinnacle we care to reach and capture any prize we wish to catch.  You give us the faith to believe in one-another.  We trust each other on little things as well as the big.  We learn that we can lean on each other and support one-another to make it through this test called life.

And finally, you give our children the faith to believe in their parents and this family.  They’re learning tradition, love, sharing, cheer, caring and most importantly, the faith to believe in Christmas.


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