Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Morton Family Prayer- 1996


Another year has quickly passed us by and more than ever, we are thankful and grateful for you watching over us so carefully.  We are truly fragile creatures kept safe by your guiding hands.  As children, you instill to us a light that burns brightly this time of year with thoughts of Santa Claus and Christmas presents.  Instead of lessening, this internal flame grows more passionate as we grow older.  Our thoughts and attentions turn to our younger generations so that we may pass on our beliefs and values as well as our family traditions.  The Morton Family Christmas morning is part of all of us as the blood in our veins.  Therefore, it came as a surprise that this tradition was being changed.  But as I considered it some more, we weren’t changing much about it at all.  Our Christmas legacy is all bout family gathering together to celebrate each other and the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.  Tradition is not about timing, location or what food is served, but having family together rand the feelings shared among loved ones.  Our love and feelings run deep, and that’s one thing that will not change.  Therefore, our family tradition runs eternal.


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